The ultimate guide for timber floor sanding in 2019

The ultimate guide for timber floor sanding in 2019

The ultimate guide for timber floor sanding in 2019

You are one of the families, who have made a great decision. Timber flooring has many benefits. It’s because of your floor decision that your house looks good. Some day if it looks unhealthy with lots of scratches; don’t worry! Cause You are lucky that you can make use of timber floor sanding options and make your house better again.

The floor of the house is the place you are walking, playing with your kids, pets, etc. thus it needs to look neat and original. 


Timber floors are famous for their durability, beauty, and natural look. But fortunately and unfortunately after a few years, it loses the first young appearance. Do you have energetic kids? Do your pets scratch the wooden floor? Do your wife has high-heeled shoes? 


Many of the people have forgotten the ideal solution, and they are changing the floor or seeking new styles. So this extravagance manner makes them lose lots of money. 

For 100 percent, the second great decision would be the renovation of the existing floor. order timber floor sanding in Sydney and make your house shine again. 


But before ordering timber floor sanding in Sydney read our ultimate guide. 


1- Different types of timber flooring 


Timber floors have three main forms and sanding of flooring differs from type to type. It is necessary to refresh yourself about what exactly is meant by each of these three terms:



The timber which is produced from deciduous trees is called hardwoods. They are more durable than the other two types. This type of flooring is more expensive than softwoods. Because the growth speed of hardwoods is less than softwoods. The popular woods in this group are mahogany, teak, walnut, oak, ash, birch and maple. 


If your flooring is made from hardwood, you can sand it many times. Also, the result of sanding may surprise you, It gets more beautiful as time passes Because beautiful grains are changing while you are sanding timber flooring. Finally after sanding and polishing you will fall in love with the natural wooden flooring in your lovely house. 



The more available timber floors are made of softwood. Interestingly, these woods are evergreen, and they do not shed leaves. They are soft and cheaper than hardwoods. As we mentioned earlier they are growing fast. The sanding of the softwood timber flooring is easiest because the wood is not dense and hard.


Engineered wood

These floors are made up of three different wooden layers. Also an extra protective finish. The majority of the people don’t believe in sanding engineered timber flooring. Maybe they think the layers of the floor could be damaged. But thanks to the high technology and thickness of the face layer. In most of the Engineered woods, the surface layer has about  3 mm thickness. And its suffice to sand several times. 


Accordingly, with lower grit sandpaper and professional sanding companies, it’s possible to rejuvenate the old and dirty timber flooring.  


Note: Reclaimed Timber Flooring, Bamboo Timber Flooring are the other types of flooring. All of these types can be sanded. If you are not using timber flooring, before everything check 2019 timber flooring trends in Sydney


2- Equipment 

Usually, timber floor sanding companies are using different machines and brands. But besides many facilities, Polivac, belt sanders, drum floor sanders, and floor edgers are the most necessary equipment in timber floor sanding projects. 

The ultimate guide for timber floor sanding in 2019

The ultimate guide for timber floor sanding in 2019

Sometimes families are trying to do standing by themselves. It’s possible and everyone can do this. But you should keep in mind that this job is time and energy-consuming activity. Even It is really important to take help from a person. hence, this isn’t a job to attempt solo.


These machines we have mentioned already, are heavy and uneasy to move. The sanding of the floor needs skill and experience, the place to start sanding is the center of the room. The movement of drum floor sanders should be soft and continuous. 


Corners of the room are the main issue. To sand these critical surfaces, professional timber floor sanding companies are using high tech Small detail floor sander for corners.


The right number of Sandpapers are the other important factor in the sanding process. In the case of engineered timber flooring, you need to be careful about sandpaper numbers. 


The number of times the company sanding the floor matters. We highly recommend using lower sandpapers and increasing the number of sanding times. 


Note: Sometimes the surface of the flooring is quite damaged, and often we are dealing with some scratches on the sanding finishes. For these reasons, professional timber sanding companies are using different equipment. 


3- precautions before starting:

The article may help you make up your mind. And before starting this job or ordering this service take some actions. 


Firstly, you need to Strip off the old floor covering, Any nails still in the area that you’re sanding must be firmly embedded below the face layer by at least 4mm.

Secondly, ensure you have cleaned the existing timber floor before starting the sanding. For a good result, in every sanding round clean the dust and repair the gaps in the floor. 

Thirdly, Make sure you’re prepared with enough bin bags and bin space to get rid of it all.

Finally, If you have pets, take them some other comfortable places. And ensure they will not come back to the workplace before coating. 


But the question is, how are we investing in maintaining them?

Sanding a floor is a task that is always in your reach. It’s the kind of service you should be doing regularly to make sure your surfaces are at their best appearance. This adds value to your house, and you will be proud of your house and discrimination. 

The ultimate guide for timber floor sanding in 2019

The ultimate guide for timber floor sanding in 2019

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