Sydney | Floor sanding & polishing VS Buffing & Screening

Sydney | Floor sanding & polishing VS Buffing & Screening

Sydney | Floor sanding & polishing VS Buffing & Screening

Sydney | Floor sanding & polishing VS Buffing & Screening

Dear Sydney citizens, 

We know that you are using a timber floor in your house flooring. Firstly we congratulate you have made a great decision for flooring. In fact, you have saved extra money for maintaining your house because these floors can relive. Thanks to the floor sanders in Sydney, you will make a new look in your house and it will shine again. You will welcome your guests with full alacrity and confidence. 

Sydney | Floor sanding & polishing VS Buffing & Screening

Sydney | Floor sanding & polishing VS Buffing & Screening

In Sydney, companies are offering different methods To renew timber flooring. The first one which is very well-known is Floor sanding and polishing, but the other is Buffing & Screening services. Keep reading and decide which service is suitable for your property. 

Differences between sanding and polishing vs buffing and screening

Floor sanding: Maybe it’s your first time, you are going to rejuvenate your timber floor. And you need to know exactly what is meant by these terms. 

None of the floor shinings are long-lasting and one day it will loose its first appearance and sends a negative message to the visitors and people who are living there. Sanding is a common task of refreshing the timber floors. To do this task sanders are using equipment like a belt sander and edge-sander for difficult and unhandy places. This process removes the existing coat and finally it sands the scratches and stains, so it results in a new and clean wooden floor without any coating. 

Note: householders in Sydney are doing this task every few years, and sometimes it’s an obligatory task.  

When the sanding process finished, you can enjoy applying a new finish. Do you miss that newly set, glossy and stain-free floor of your house? Don’t worry. The professional timber floor coating exports will make your floor shine again. And you don’t be embarrassed about your dull dirty and old timber floor. 

Screening and buffing 

Screening and buffing are the same tasks. That is the act of erasing the existing floor and applying a new coat. That is also known for “screen” and “recoat”, even many people are calling this process “light sanding’, but these are not the same thing.

Buffer machines are used in screening service, and these machines can clean small imperfections and unclean areas, in fact, it can’s remove the old finish entirely, however, its step to apply recoating process, Because the floor needs to be smooth. 

Note: Buffing and screening are not suitable for the floors that have deep stains and scratches. 

Buffing and screening process takes less time and it can be done in one working day. But if it is applying in the room, the furnishing should be removed for some days. Buffing and screening are easier and cheaper than sanding. 

Different kind of floors and which method is the best choice

When it comes to buffing and screening it makes no difference, you can do this process for hardwood timber flooring, softwood timber flooring and even engineered timber flooring. But in the case of sanding, you need to be careful about engineered timber floors because they are very thin and after several sanding processes they can be damaged. 

Things to consider before making the decision: 

  • You cant buff your floor if your floor is waxed, you need to take help from timber floor sanders because the buffer (polisher) is weak and it can not erase the wax.
  • If some parts of your house timber floor turned gray, screening is not enough and you need to sand the floor. 
  • As we mentioned already, the buffing can not remove the coating entirely, thus if you want to change the color of the floor, you should sand it. 
  • Analyze the floor, if it has not cupped or warped or it doesn’t have scratches and stains.  

How to find the best floor sanding and polishing near me?

Google the “floor sanding and polishing near me“ then you will face many Sydney floor sanding and polishing companies, first of all, check out the standards and knowledge of the company then look for the company with characteristic below: 

  • Cost-effective services
  • Affordable prices
  • Experienced sanders
  • High tech belt sanders and edge sanders

How Long Does It Take to Buff a Floor?

The required time to buff a property depends on the size of the floor. And most importantly it depends on the type of finish you are going to apply after the buffing process. In general, the buffing procedure can be done on a single day; but different types of floor finishes need a different amount of time to dry up. Also, Oil-based polyurethane lacquer needs more time than water-based products to dry up.


How Long Does It Take to sand a Floor?

As you know, Sanding is energy and time-consuming work and some time the sanding time is more than once and the size of the floor is large, so the sanding time is going to be more. But sanding time can be reduced with the help of a professional sanding time and fast high-tech equipment. 

Overall, Floor sanding & polishing & Buffing & Screening has different usage. If you want a quick and cheap cleaning and refreshing service, we offer screening and buffing. On the other hand, if you need to remove deep scratches and stains, sanding is the best solution.

Sydney | Floor sanding & polishing VS Buffing & Screening

Sydney | Floor sanding & polishing VS Buffing & Screening

Sydney floor Sanding and polishing services: 

Sunshine Floor Fanding in Sydney is offering sanding, polishing, buffing and screening services for Sydney householders. The below characteristics makes Sunshine Floor sanding stand out beside the crowd:

  • Verity of brandy and professional belt sanders
  • Experienced sanders
  • Brand new coating methods and styles
  • High skill exports for repairing damaged timber floors
  • Cost-effective services
  • Unbeatable prices




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