Do you aware of new Flooring Trends for 2020 in Sydney?

Do you aware of new Flooring Trends for 2020 in Sydney?

One of the great techniques of flooring is wooden or Timber Flooring which is very popular in Sydney. Because of the long-lasting, serviceable, characteristic and affordable prices, Timber Flooring is going to stand out from the crowd.

But our journey is to find the best trends to leave behind a finish nothing less than a luxurious new timber floor.

We are looking for Trends in 2020. Usually, diversity and culture influence new trends in decoration and home design. But besides a lot of things nature’s beauty is the major factor which inspires the art and design in beautiful Sydney.

Today in Sunshine floor sanding we are going to talk about new trends of flooring. We are planning to make your property a more cheerful and safe place for your family and pets.

As you guess the industry of floor sanding and polishing is going to support Eco-friendly and non- toxic materials, but besides the quality of materials; technology, developed skills and new techniques give high-quality finishes.

7 styles which will continue to be trendy in 2020

7. Hardwood

A kind of wooden flooring which is made from the original wood. Normally It has thicker wear surface than other wooden floorings. Due to its natural face and thicker form, sanding makes it fresh and new. Sanding specialists can do it many times. So this shows unbeatable guarantee for the utility of Hardwood.

So if you are looking for some authentic and real floor which is inspired by natural beauty we offer you this trendy style. Sydney is not the only city that continues using hardwood flooring; New England, Eastern Canada, USA, and Europe also are following this trend.

6.Wide Planks

Wide plank pine floors are famous for their colors and Parallel lines of wood. Its gorgeous knotty look increased the use of this flooring style in houses and hotels. For now, it is leading the market in 2019, The standard width in Australia is 12 cm but customers can order larger width between 15 -20 cm.

5.Dark Colours

If you have no kids at home, we recommend you darker colors. Darker floor with white walls and some decorative mirrors is the choice of younger couples. Balance of darker colors on the floor and lighter walls with shining decorative items brings postmodern styles to your lovely house. Keep in mind that these styles need more cleaning than lighter forms.

4.Layouts & Patterns

Usually, professional designers pay more attention to the flooring. Using patterns which are popular in Sydney can show your creativity. Some simple but rational patterns make your house outstanding.
The main use of patterns is in public places, for example in coffee and hotels designers can use mixed and diagonal patterns. Herringbone pattern, Tile, Laminate patterns are also trendy for use at home flooring design.


In 2019, one of the new changes are the Textures of wooden flooring. Using the wrong Textures can result in the wrong decoration. Always take help from specialists. In Sydney wide range of Textures is available.

It’s undeniable that this year Textures will find big fans. Also, verities and usage of Textures show that this trend will continue for the future.

Flooring Trends for 2019 sydney


Revamping the floor is a common practice for many years. Many of the wooden floor users are dissatisfied with shiny finishes that reflect light. As a matter of fact, some groups of people hate shining floors. They look for crystal clear wooden floors that show the beauty of wood grains and nothing else. Sunshine Floor Sanding can help you to follow new trends. In Fact, no need to change your floor, with floor sanding and polishing you can save in your costs.
For this year Shine is out and satin, matt and oil finishes will become trendy in 2019.
What’s the difference between polishing and sanding?
Sometimes your existing floor is healthy and 100 percent Ok. You don’t need sanding process. In reality, polishing is “reviving” the floor. If your floor has some little scratches it can be fixed with polishing.

On the other hand, if you think that your floor is old, tired and worn sanding will make your existing floor fresh and clear.

1.Wood Type

The other flavor of decorating with Timber flooring is the variety of wood. Wood is a spectacular material. Colors, type, lightness, darkness, softness, hardness and many other characteristics are the matter of wood choice.
In most cases to complement the interior design, the designer relies on the wood type. Between a large variety of wood types, choosing between wood types is going to be trendy in 2019:

Contemporary Rustic
For outdoor use, the recommendation is Contemporary Rustic. Contemporary Rustic is a blend of modern and contemporary features which result in a warm and inviting home.

If you need clean lines and light patterns. Embrace the Scandinavian type. This type works better in sunlit rooms with white walls.

Sanding and polishing services in Sydney
Majority of the families in Sydney prefer sanding and polishing instead of buying new Timber Flooring equipment. As we mentioned above high sanding tech and natural oil and pigment is the choice of Sydney citizens. If you are looking for rejuvenating your decoration, follow trend #2 and make new finishes for your lovely house.

What sets us apart?

  1. 12 years of experience
  2. Affordable and market competitive prices
  3. Meeting deadlines by reaching you on the agreed time
  4. Using high-quality materials
  5. Using Eco-friendly and non- toxic materials
  6. High tech floor sanding machine
  7. Consulting to choose the right color and wood type
  8. Quick service and prompt responsiveness

We are ready to make your property new again. We offer our floor sanding and polishing services in Sydney. To get in touch with the experts call us click here


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