Floor sanding and polishing prices in Sydney per square meter in 2019

Floor sanding and polishing prices in Sydney per square meter in 2019

Floor sanding and polishing prices in Sydney per square meter in 2019

Floor sanding and polishing prices in Sydney per square meter in 2019

Floor sanding and polishing is not the ultimate solution for rejuvenating your house floor. But it’s an easy, fast and affordable choice. So in Sydney, the majority of the families prefer this trendy method. 

Floor sanding and polishing prices in Sydney per square meter in 2019

Floor sanding and polishing prices in Sydney per square meter in 2019

The cost of floor sanding per square meter is also matters.

Many of the floor sanding and polishing firms in Sydney are offering a different range of prices. They should have a reason for increasing the price of floor sanding and polishing. If the prices are expensive and more than the other companies, you need to be alert. In this article, we will read about the factors that affect the floor sanding and polishing prices. Keep reading this article and feel confident in choosing the best services for unbeatable prices.

5 factors which affect the Floor sanding and polishing cost in Sydney

Many factors can influence the cost of floor sanding and polishing, but the 5 below are the main things to consider when estimating the real price. 

1- The size, in square meters, of your floor

The size of the floor is measured in square meters and the price of 1 square meter floor sanding in Sydney is about 22-30 dollars per square meter. Generally, if you are living in a big house, the total cost of your house could be more, but if your timber floor area is short you are going to pay a little for sanding. 

Note: Before starting sanding and polishing the firm can measure your floor size, then they can estimate the cost. This is the common method for pricing the total cost of sanding services.

2- How much preparation work is required

You need to know that starting a sanding process needs discharging your house. Sanding staff needs a clean and vacant place to start their job, therefore, you need to pay extra money for removal companies to help you in transferring house furnishings. Also, you can do this solo and save some money. 

The room which needs sanding should be cleaned. Maybe you think that in the sanding process the dirt and unclean condition of the floor don’t matters. But experts believe that the floor should be cleaned before starting the sanding process. If you want to do this job by yourself the potential firm will give you the instructions. 

The nails are used in installing the floor parts together. The first step in preparing the floor for sanding is pressing the nails under the floor,

Note: a good sanding and polishing firm in Sydney performs this job with his staff and make their best to offer a premium service. 


3- The condition of your timber flooring

Sometimes a potential sanding company talks about the bad condition of the floor, in this case, your floor needs extra work for repair tasks. Repairing a damaged floor is time-consuming and a professional job. So it’s undeniable that the cost of sanding could reach the highest price. 

If your timber floor is suffering a bad condition, expect that the firm can increase the service price. In Sydney, the cost of Floorboards Repair Price differs from 6 to 10 dollars per m² and the price of Parquet Floor Repairs starts from 30 dollars per m². 

Note: a professional sanding and polishing company in Sydney has the experience of preparing the damaged floors and they won’t criticize the damages, in fact, they will offer a variety of solutions. 

4- The type of timber to be sanded

All types of timber floors can be sanded, but the thickness, softness, and hardness of the floor can make the sanding process easy or hard. In the case of the engineered timber floors, the floor thickness is low and the task should be done carefully we recommend decreasing the thickness of sandpaper and an increase in the number of sanding times. So this can affect the price. 

On the other hand, if your floor is hardwoods it’s more time consuming to sand the floor. But thanks to the high-tech sanding machines, they are quick and easy to use. 

Note: the type of floor is an important factor in pricing, if you don’t know about the type of your floor, you can ask from experts. 

5- What sealer or coating you want

Creative and beautiful finishes make a floor look new again. In fact, the recoating and polishing process is the most important task. 

Usually, Timber Floor Cleaning and Polishing price is about 8 dollars per m² and the timber floor recoating price begins with 17 dollars per square meter. 

Overall, the type of sanding required, the type of coating, and the condition of the floors play a big role in the pricing of sanding and polishing services in Sydney. 


Note: The announced costs differ from company to company, call the firm to know the latest prices.


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